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Published on May 26, 2009 By Snoe In Everything Else

This stuff doesnt make sense. It was written originally at 4 in the morning.



Multiply womans dna equation and add mans dna equation to find the correct numbers to average the mind and body choices for a creature of perfect happiness.

Being able to remember what choice in the brain leads to whatever in the body and mind, if you remember the bad and the good you can evolve in certain ways to avoid death and prolong life because what life is, is the pursuit of happiness, more happiness means way more good feelings. You want your brain to produce all the happiest smartest chemicals or electrical impulses in the brain. 

So if a man can remember that one easy choice for whatever that little thing may be they evolve and continue the happiness while they grow and multiply and they dictate at which age the next life form should try to live to before growing or using the tools necessary to pass on it's evolution because they are constantly trying to make the perfect version of code for the next body to live, by solving problems that the body is in until the age at which it no longer matters if it is producing memory code because there is no more wisdom in memory to be shared, the body stopped delivering the good message to bodies everywhere besides the last age of page able to acquire sensual paradise it reached the old self remembers at the end of their sexual and otherwise life, so life is making us adaptable for as long as possible. Because once we forget how to do certain things such as SEEK COMPLETE HAPPINESS amid all the crazy CHOICES we are presented with 

This first happened when the father first gave all of his good/logical memory of his happiest moment, or "climax" into a sperm cell, because a sperm cell was only the happiest part of the mans brain thought chemical pattern and we wanted to remember how to encode it in dna, no bad memory of the sense in the little sperms dna. 

 The female has a slightly longer process of building a train of good choices in the equation, because the females are making the egg of sense memory. Being able to remember the area around you that propels you to either happiness or sadness, so they spend about a month deciding which choices are good and bad in the environment culminating in a period where they pour their genetic body happiness sense memory, onto an egg so it knows what choices produce pain, happiness, fear, courage, sadness, so it can just continue on with living a perfect life, the female dna is there to feel the world around you and I mean actually feel what's going so the logic side of the brain knows exactly what to do to prolong life. 

Hormones help you get the brain thinking about choices of everything sensual and emotional in the world. Women suffer amid so many feelings because they need to interpret all the horrible code around them, amplifying the bad more than anything because they need to know exactly what type of body to make to live perfectly in the world, they wait and wait until the males dna deeply rooted in their brain tells them to release the concoction of hormonal juice.

Men do this is well, they release hormones only when good stuff happens because their part of the occasion is to collect only the happiest feelings that their body can muster. This can be during sex, excersize, triumph, any time they could release a load of happy feeling hormone. So they get down too, they forget the happiness that they need to remember to feel good all the time. After they forget they forget about family they need to raise, they forget all the things they needed to know about to live, alcohol is one of the things that creatures on this Earth use to forget their feelings, but continued use will lead to forgetting about to be happy.

 The meaning of life is evolving and making the next equation in the huge universe of calculations and numbers, you want life to exceed in harmony where everything becomes part of the circle.

And the original happiness of every life form was the first time plant cells evolved enough to create cells that made active choices in their life even if some were extremely small choices. 

Maybe the first time numbers were ever involved was the first time chemicals reacted. It took those little chemical numbers one hell of a long time to fill the area around them with enough variables to the first simple equation they started to evolve further using 1.6180339877 as a guide because that's the original DNA number for our kind and we need to hurry up and be happy because it has been a long time since that number has changed.

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