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Philosophy with numbers.
Published on May 26, 2009 By Snoe In Everything Else

The Golden Ratio and 42

It explains life, religion, self-awareness, emotions, the different planes of reality.

Last night I felt pulsing sensations all across the right side of my brain. I felt thoughts being created in the brain, I felt chemicals being released. I had no choice it was overwhelming, I knew exactly what made my brain smarter and what hurt me, bad thoughts filled my whole body with a sense of dread and fear; gravity seemed to be stronger and I always had this strange feeling of being pulled up and to the right at an angle related to what I believed to be 1.6180339887, the golden ratio.

Last night I was completely aware of the right side of my brain and the chemicals that led to being a more complete being, evolving into something better. I also felt the effects that creates my thoughts and feelings into non-sentient matter in my body. 

Today when I woke up everything had increased clarity, I noticed details in things I have never seen before, the air smelled fresh and my legs felt like new as I walked.

As my mind sobered up I returned to a more normal state and this is when my day got weird. I started obsessing about numbers and shapes. The dimensions, the point, lines, segments, bends that make up the smallest ideas. The different levels of hell are nothing more than not having the correct ratio of chemical construction that can be represented with numbers. Hell is work, work that can last an eternity and every molecule and atom in the universe has some number make up of what its purpose is for the moment. The idea seems fragmented but it fits with another number. The number three. Humans and creatures like the number three. Even though it is odd it seems to be an even number, a number that can make up everything. The number three can be represented as the judge or the original thought, this thought is the first that ever came of its kind and it judges all the identical ones after, 2 can be represented as life and 1 is the nonliving materials. Imagine looking down from above on the three circles, 3 would be above the other two, 2 would be after 3 and 1 would be after 2 in a counter clockwise rotation. This trinity is everywhere that evolution can take place. It means the starting point, and the end result. They are all one entity evolving together, the judge says whether or not the thought is bad or good, good thoughts are allowed to continue and are remembered more strongly within the compound, bad thoughts are sent to cellular hell where the judge has to relearn everything.

These choices are constantly being made in the mind. Every chemical reaction is judged and the brain grows stronger, any bad thoughts are processed as waste and can be used to build up for the good thoughts to survive. Through labor for the judge that once represented it's perfect state can it be reborn.

The number 5777.999824 is a special number, not only because it has two groups of three in it, one being 7 and the other 9, 7 represents the first step of life after hell, essentially rest after 6 days of work, the Sunday. 9 is a state of full happiness, the number 3 has become a trinity with two other 3s. Those two values are very important to creatures but mainly humans. If you look at the brain of an 18 year old male like me you might find it's loading with hormones, it's near the peak or past it. My chemical numerical value in enough of my brain cells is evolving and becoming greater within itself. This will happen at intervals through life which you can use the golden ratio to find, once the brain reaches a certain point it starts over and many unnecessary or bad thoughts are forgotten. The process is quick when the creature is young, the brain is constantly processing information and growing.

1.6180339887 to the power of 18 equals 5777.999824, take the values of that number because each number is a chemical value added to another, 5+7+7+7+9+9+9+8+2+4=67, 18 is too perfect, it transcends life, divide the number by the ratio to find the level of perfection of the age's number, 41.4. The magical number is 42, because 42 means life, it is the universe between the levels 7 and 6, 6 being the hardest stage of evolution to escape and 7 being rebirth into limbo. Take the ratio to the power of 3, 4.236067977, add the numbers together, 51, divide by 1.61, 31.67701863, add the values, 42. Every time those numbers are close to 42 it means that certain life form is in a state of growing rapidly. Using the average between two powers of the ratio you can find 42, between every two stages there is the magical center so you can take the power of the ratio to 2 and 3, find the average between those and that may represent the average age in which you will find 42. 2.618033989 and 4.236067977, you can either add the values for them now and find the average of those two numbers, that would equal 100/2 so 50, which equals 30.90169944, add them up and it equals 45, which is too high so we divide by the ratio, 27.81152949, this number is very close to the age of one of the evolutions, I will continue messing with that idea later I just realized something. I knew the sixth level of cellular hell was the hardest to escape because it is a circle, draw a star using six strokes, the last stroke will end up exactly on top of the first, now lets take a number like 36, divide by the ratio, 22.36024845 and add those numbers together, you get 36.

That was done using 1.61. As you add more numbers to the equation, like 1.618 and 1.61803 you start to be able to get farther away from 36, once you use the whole one you can actually find yourself near 42 again. This tells me that the original ratio of multiplication because what is life besides trying to spread good evolution through multiplication actually cellular evolved itself, the sixth level hell for this number found it having to evolve from the spirit around it, or the number "1" and then continuing on through the numbers, just adding a 8 to 1.61 shows that 36/1.618=22.24969098, notice the three 2s and the three 9s, both very good signs, add the values, 51. We already know what we can do with 51, divide by the ratio and add the values, 42.

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And the lesson here kids is... DON'T. DO. DRUGS.



on May 26, 2009

^^^tis is true whenever im high im more self-aware, but with a false sense of awareness.

on May 26, 2009

You can prove anything mystical with numbers really:


I can use e, pi and the square root of -1 to get an integer answer (-1)


If you take any number, raise it to the power of a prime (provided your original number isn't a multiple of that prime) and divide by the prime, the remainder will be your original number ie (a^p)/p has remainder a.

on May 26, 2009

Just kidding. I am also intrigued by the golden ratio and what it could really mean. The fact that it exists in our bodies, the galaxies, snails, and pretty much everything else, is very odd and nothing short of amazing. I am not a religious person by any means, but the golden ratio certainly makes me THINK (not believe) that there is indeed a universal "overseer" of sorts that flows through all matter and interacts with, all matter. I do not think it is being, and I do not think it is omnipresent, it just exists.

Seriously, how is it that this number, the golden ratio, 1.6180339887, appear in almost all forms of life and in art. Throughout history, whether they knew about the Golden Ratio or not, many artists, sculpturers, and acrhitects, employed the golden ratio whether by accident or by purpose. It seems to me to be the number of perfection, and all people seem to want to attain this perfection in whatever it is they strive or want to do. The golden ratio is perfection in anything. Hell, supposedly our brain clock cycles revolve around the golden ratio.

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The number three

Three is a magic number OHHH
Yea it is, its a magic number

It takes three legs to make a tripod or to make a table stand,
And it takes three wheels to make a vehicle called a tricycle
And every triangle has three corners,
Every triangle has three sides,

A man and a woman had a little baby
Yeah they did
And there were three in the family
And thats a magic number

3x10 is 30
3x9 is 27
3x8 is 24
3x7 is 21
3x6 is 18
3x5 is 15
3x4 is 12
And 3x3 is 9
And 3x2 is 6
And 3x1
What is it?

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I don't like people.  People are weird.

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Tee Elle Dee Arrgh

on May 27, 2009

Doesn't the "Mid-life crisis" hits around 42?

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And the lesson here kids is... DON'T. DO. DRUGS.



Either that, or don't listen to God when He shows you something significant.




Tell me, Snoe - what do you know of the heart?

As to 'the Golden Ratio'...

1.6180339887... Phi.

If you mirror it upon itself, in just the right way, you find the heart.

It is the blueprint for both reproduction and evolution.

It is Genesis personified.

If you include Pi to the Phi - you achieve Life! (because Life must have a container - which is Pi, a circle)

I changed my avatar just for you, to give you a hint.

I don't know where you are going to, or coming from. But at least some of what we both perceive seems to coincide.

42 - the answer to life, the universe, and everything, as stated in The Hitchikers Guide - and how it relates to Phi, eludes me for the moment. But who knows. You might be on to something.